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You have done the heavy lifting and achieved a favorable settlement for your client - job well done! The only catch is that your client is now dependent on a variety of government assistance programs and would prefer not to lose them (they don't want to burn through the settlement on these expenses). Please call the Missouri Elder Law Firm immediately if you are faced with this scenario as there are very specific steps to take right away. We enjoy collaborating on this stage of your file and would like to talk in greater detail at your earliest convenience.



  • Keep your client receiving benefits they desperately need
  • Assist you in resolving liens
  • Analyse Medicare Set-Aside agreements in light of your client's situation


img5Personal injury attorney Smith has negotiated a favorable settlement for their client that is in the high six figures. The check has arrived with attorney Smith's name on the check, his client and Medicare. Attorney Smith realizes that Medicare has an interest and that his client currently has the benefit of several government assistance programs they would like to keep. Attorney Smith calls the Missouri Elder Law Firm to address Medicare's interest and learns that several liens need to be addressed and that the settlement check should actually come in the name of a trust for the benefit of his client that will soon be created.

The check is returned, the liens are resolved and a special needs trust is created for attorney Smith's client which preserves all of the benefits the client is receiving.